Our background is helping businesses grow and do more with their money, and we take that concept to the extreme with our approach to credit card processing.


There are many strategies utilized by credit card processing companies trying to earn your business, and it can be hard to compare one deal from another. Here’s a summary of the common strategies used by credit card companies who are trying to earn your business:



Some companies take a very basic approach to winning your business by quoting extremely low rates that aren’t sustainable to them long term. Their goal is to get you onto their platform, and then slowly creep your rates upward to a profitable point without you realizing your rates are being raised each month.


Before you know it, this “great” deal will end up costing you much more than you were spending before, and when you ask to see your fee schedule, you will likely be provided with confusing reports that are constructed to confuse and overwhelm you.


You know how a magician can fool you with their slight of hand? You think you are looking at the target, but what is really happening is a diversion of attention so the magician can distract you as he or she sets up the trick! It’s amazing how much can happen in front of our eyes without us seeing it.


In the world of credit card processing, the diversion occurs when the credit card processing rate quoted is so wonderful and so much lower than what you were paying before, that you fail to notice that your equipment leasing costs have skyrocketed, and any savings you will achieve through your credit card rates will be lost (and then some) by the equipment rates.


Credit card processing is an odd business. The companies fighting over your business actually make more money by having you as an account, than they do by the extremely small percentage they earn from your credit card processing fees each month. Business and organizations processing credit cards are a commodity with a great value.


Depending upon the quality of your client, your client retention rates, your average earnings per account, and a number of other factors, your credit card business is worth a certain dollar value to your credit card processor. As a result, some processors have the strategy of signing accounts at a low rate, and then quickly selling them to another processor who will immediately hike your rates.