lMCPays offers custom integrations into existing POS systems. This secure and efficient integration will allow your business to leverage all the benefits of a custom POS system, as well as the mind-blowing service and extremely competitive rates received through your partnership with LMCPays.

Our proprietary gateway enables us create turnkey payment processing solutions for our clients. Our API and hosted payments page allows us to offer encryption and tokenization, providing you with additional services and functionality rarely offered by credit card companies.

POS Integration

Software Integration

Our developers will integrate directly into the software of your choice making the relationship proprietary, while also providing an easy and secure way to add all of the products and services that we offer our merchants. Our hands-on experience allows our Software Integration Partners, VAR’s and ISV’s the luxury of depending on a company that is dedicated to the long term success of each partnership.

While we have many integration methods available, our API and Hosted Payment Page have become the most popular. These solutions remove the software from the scope of PCI, allow encryption and tokenization, and provide the merchant with added benefits that most software companies or credit card processing companies offer.



Gateway Integration

We currently supports more than 120 third party gateways. If you have a gateway that is not currently supported, we offer our developer integration package to manage the connection. We will assign a project manager to work hand-in-hand with our merchants or their developers to complete the “virtual handshake”.

Our proprietary Gateway coupled with experienced developers allows us to create custom integration methods for each opportunity. If you have an in-house or custom management system, please let us know, and one of our Integration Experts will be in touch.