LMCPays is a division of Chosen Payments, the fastest growing credit card processing firm in the US. Our success is due to our relationships, and that is a strategy that hasn’t often been employed in the credit card processing space. Our business strategy is forming long term relationships with our clients. Have you ever had a fraudulent chargeback, and your credit card processor was less than helpful? We have all been there, unfortunately. It is a helpless and terrible experience, and without guidance, it can be a 50/50 shot or worse at winning the dispute. We are on your side, and we don’t let you fight these battles alone. That’s why over 90% of our chargebacks are resolved in our clients favor!


Have you ever had a credit card charge that wouldn’t process because it seemed to be outside the normal scope of price or type of your business? That can be embarrassing, as well as an obstacle for sales. We are there with you, to help you through these challenges. We offer 24/7 support, and our solid relationships with our banks allows us to advocate on your behalf, getting exceptions to these obstacles whenever possible.



We have the highest client retention rate in the industry, and that is a result of our service, as well as our competitive rates. We will give you a great rate, and we work closely with our banks to ensure they are giving us the opportunity to secure those great rates for you. We won’t give you rates that are unsustainable, with the plan of hiking them up when you aren’t looking. We will give you a fair rate that you can count on. We make less money on our clients initially, but our investment is in a long-term relationship which is invaluable.


We also offer an open door policy to access our CEO, whenever you have a concern that hasn’t been resolve through normal channels. That is not a gimmick, and your emails and calls aren’t forwarded to a phantom inbox or voicemail that are monitored by a support team, you have direct access. We put our name on our work, and we stand by it.


Thankfully, you don’t have to take our word for any of this – we are happy to provide you with client references who will tell you about their experience with us. We’ve never had a credit card processing company offer us references before, have you?